Since 1954, three generations of the Buzick family have worked with three generations of the Samuels family to build one-of-a-kind facilities and bolster the Maker’s Mark brand.

In addition to beer wells, mash rooms, boiler rooms, fermenters, pump buildings, still houses, containment and full case storage for Maker’s Mark Distillery, Buzick was hired to modify Warehouse A for a distillery tour, while also remodeling Warehouse D into a gift shop and tasting room. As part of Warehouse D, Buzick built the box for the priceless Chihuly art that decorates the ceiling leading into the tasting room.

Since 2000, Buzick has designed/built 34 rack supported barrel warehouses for Maker’s Mark Distillery.


“I spent the first half of the summer of 1954 (the first year of operations at Maker’s under the Samuels flag) preparing engineering drawings for a new kind of barrel warehouse – one with a raised center aisle. Of course Buzick Construction would be building it.  This was my first encounter (other than on a social basis) with Founder and Owner, Cliff Buzick.  

He very politely showed me how screwed up my drawings were (I was only 14 at the time), and together we fixed the drawings so that I did not end up looking like a total fool.  That first barrel House would hold 4,200 barrels and was to last us a very long time as dad embarked on his retirement hobby … Maker’s Mark.  

We were wrong, so Buzick built us another barrel house followed by another.  And then when the Wall Street Journal ran a flattering article on Maker’s the pace picked up and Buzick was building us a new House nearly every year.

Here we are in 2015 and Dad’s little hobby has become an international sensation. Surprised us all. But what has not changed over these 60 years is that we still depend on Buzick Construction and all their wonderful people to make sure we have the very best resting spots for our very special bourbon.

We are indeed a very satisfied 60 year customer.”

– Bill Samuels, Jr., Maker’s Mark